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CSVReader/Writer 7.4

CSVReader/Writer 7.4: Java to  read, write, align, sort, reshape, pack... comma, tab-separated files. files, commonly known as CSV files. It consists of 31 Java classes/utilities CSVReader, CSVWriter, CSVAlign, CSVChangeCase, CSVCommaToTab, CSVCondense, CSVDeDup, CSVDeDupField, CSVDeEntify, CSVDump, CSVEntify, CSVISBN, CSVPack, CSVPatch, CSVReplaceStrings, CSVReplaceURLs, CSVReshape, CSVScale, CSVSort, CSVSortField, CSVTabToComma, CSVTemplate, CSVToSRS, CSVTSRX , CSVToTable, CSVToUnique, CSVTuple, LinesToCSV, TableToCSV, for reading and writing CSV

Excel Import Multiple CSV Files Software 7.0: Import many CSV files into one Excel file.
Excel Import Multiple CSV Files Software 7.0

CSV files into MS Excel. To get this software to work, simply drag and drop the comma-separated files you would like to work with and click a button to begin importing. There is a feature to import all CSVs to one blank Excel sheet or to import each CSV file to a separate blank sheet. This is how the CSV data will appear when imported into Excel: each comma in a CSV file will create a new column and each new line in a CSV file will create a new row

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CSV to MySQL 3.6: CSV to MySQL Loader is a tool to convert data from CSV Files to MySQL
CSV to MySQL 3.6

CSV to MySQL is a tool to Convert, Migrate data to / from MySQL to CSV files or from CSV files to MySQL. You can convert multiple tables in one go from MySQL to CSV files / Delimited files or from CSV / Delimited files to MySQL database. While converting you can map source table columns to matching destination table columns. Filter rows by specifying WHERE conditions. CSV to MySQL Loader comes with a built in scheduler so that you can run transfer

migrate, convert, mysql, databases, export, converter, import, delimited files

PD-CSV Converter 2.4: Convert information between Palm Desktop and CSV files
PD-CSV Converter 2.4

CSV conversion. PD-CSV Converter supports the conversion of contact, calendar, tasks and memos. . PD-CSV Converter provides a wizard style interface lets you convert the information step by step. . PD-CSV Converter supports custom fields. You may insert additional information when converting data to CSV files. . When you export information to CSV files, you may choose to create new CSV files or append the information to the existed CSV files. . And

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MS Access Import Multiple CSV Files Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to load one or more CSV files into an MS Access database. Based on the content of the CSV files, you can create an entirely new table or append records to an existing table. By instantly changing text into database records, this software will save you hours of time manually entering data by hand. Access 2000 or higher required.

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CSVFileView 2.00: CSV/Tab-delimited file viewer and converter
CSVFileView 2.00

CSVFileView is a simple CSV file viewer/converter utility that allows you to easily view the content of CSV or tab-delimited file created by NirSoft utilities or by any other software, in a simple table viewer. You can sort the lines according to one of the fields, remove unwanted fields and change their order, and then save the result back into CSV file, tab-delimited file, XML file, or HTML report.

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Excel Export To Multiple CSV Files Software 7.0: Save one or more MS Excel files to CSV (comma-separated values) files.
Excel Export To Multiple CSV Files Software 7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to save one or more MS Excel files to CSV (comma-separated values) files. There are options to save all sheets as one CSV file, to save each sheet as an individual file, and to save each row/column as an individual file. Excel 2000 or higher required.

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